Dada, by Craig J. Clark -- Week Three Hundred Fifty-Five

Comic for 2 February 2009
2 February 2009

Comic for 3 February 2009
3 February 2009

Comic for 4 February 2009
4 February 2009

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Dispatches from the End of the Innocence:

2 February 2009 - In honor of Groundhog Day, if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow this morning, there will be six more weeks of Dada. If not, then Wednesday's strip will be it. Deal?

3 February 2009 - So, it appears Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow yesterday. Now, what did we say that would mean? Oh, right, that Dada would be ending tomorrow. Tough break.

4 February 2009 - Well, here we are, folks. Last stop, everybody off. Dada's had a good run, but it has fulfilled its purpose and now I'm itching to do something else -- and to give my website a new focus. Do not fear that Dada will be disappearing from the online universe anytime soon, though. If I have my way, it will continue to baffle and amuse those who venture into its seven-year archive for a long time to come.

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