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Comic for 13 June 2005
13 June 2005

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14 June 2005

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15 June 2005

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16 June 2005

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17 June 2005

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Dispatches from the Island of Meepos:

13 June 2005 - Films That Should Be On DVD Already:
A Perfect Couple (dir. Robert Altman, 1979) - One of three films made by Altman that were released in 1979, A Perfect Couple is the perfect example of a small film that has slipped through the cracks. A romantic comedy about opposites meeting through a computer-dating service, it's never even been available on VHS, which means it's ripe for rediscovery on DVD. And Altman himself still remembers it (he mentions it in his commentary for Kansas City, another film steeped in the music of its era), which is something considering how many movies he's made over the past 50-odd years.

14 June 2005 - Well, the verdict is in and Michael Jackson has been found. I didn't realize he had been lost, but they sure found him.

15 June 2005 - So, today Batman Begins... You know, with Christian Bale in the cape and Christopher Nolan behind the camera it just might turn out to be, well, good.

17 June 2005 - We've all heard of "He Said, She Said" stories (heck, they even made a Kevin Bacon movie out of one), and we've all heard of the Beatles song "She Said She Said." Well, now I've weighed in with a "He Said He Said" story at Unloosen. Go ask him. He said it was good.

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