About the Dadaist

Like most people his age, Craig J. Clark is 34. When he's not making Dada, he can be found doing other things. He likes sleeping (evidenced by the fact that it's what he spends the most time doing), eating (scientists have proven that eating food prevents you from dying), drinking (but not that kind of drinking) and breathing on art. He likes to use words like "evidenced," "platitudes" and "and" in sentences. He has a constantly-growing collection of books, CDs and DVDs that one day will engulf the Earth. He likes soup, but not as a rule. He once performed a play with a large groundhog puppet on his arm. He's seen all both of Don McKellar's films in the theaters. He can do a great impression of Laurie Anderon's clone. He can name-drop minor celebrities at the drop of a name. He tries to get out of his apartment at least once a day, even if it's just to check the mail. (He makes other kinds of excuses on Sundays.) He makes a mean green bean casserole. He believes that pond scum has a bad rep. He once shot a man just to watch him diet. He's not averse to the occasional mayonnaise. He used to be pensive, now he's ex-pensive. It has been intimated from time to time that he's rather fond of ducks. He's also fond of writing platitudes as opposed to a proper bio.

Some sensible information about him can be found here. If you wish to write him, he can be reached at cjclark1973@yahoo.com. If, however, you just wish to ask him to burn a copy of one of the many CDs that he owns, then don't bother.

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