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The Last Dada-Related Dispatch I Will Ever Write:

9 February 2009 - For those of you not in the know (or who are in the know but are looking for some sort of closure), after seven years and 1700+ strips, I have brought Dada to a close. The comic was born in the early days of the War on Terror and made its online debut some months later, on February 4, 2002. (I was aiming for 02/02/02, but the 2nd fell on a Saturday, so right from the start Dada was about compromise.)

In its own hastily conceived way, I saw Dada as a reaction to a nebulously conceived -- and potentially endless -- war, and one which I likened to the original Dadaists' collective response of World War I. Now that it's over I can't help but wonder how it holds up as a singular piece of work. In a lot of ways I expect it doesn't, but I have a three-inch high pile of printouts sitting next to my computer (the physical manifestation of the strip's archive, printed out by my increasingly unreliable inkjet printer) that tells me I must have been doing something over the past seven years. Maybe someday I'll go back and read it all from the beginning. Maybe other people will, too. If you're one of those brave, brave people, here are some key links:

Here is where it all begins.    Here is where it ends.    Here is some random week in the middle.

Have at it!

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