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Over the years, I have written hundreds of sketches -- some of them good, some of them hilarious, and some of them rather on the stinky side (I didn't know this at the time I was writing them else I wouldn't have written them). Hopefully, you will agree with me that the ones I have chosen to place on this site fall into the former two categories.

NEW ADDITIONS -- This just in. Or, rather, these just in. I wrote them for the Brick's second annual Night of 1000 Plays and only one of them got in. Nevertheless, I am proud of both of them equally, otherwise I wouldn't be putting both on this site. They are:

  • Structure: Elliptical -- The first in a series of Structure pieces I hope to develop with Kevin Pease, and
  • Structure: Loopy -- This is the second.

    There. Now, to aid in your perusal of the other sketches, I have broken them down into various subjects:

    PHILOSOPHY -- a subject near and dear to my heart, and one which has inspired some of my more off-the-wall creations.

  • Dilemma -- a radio call-in show of sorts. In the real world, such a show would not exist, but sketch comedy does not typically find itself bound by real world conventions.
  • Philosophy -- Actually written long before "Dilemma," this sketch treats philosophical matters as fodder for an chat show parody, this time for television.
    THEOLOGY -- a bit of a misnomer as these sketches are mostly about the devil and his ilk. Of course, belief in the devil presupposes belief in a being that the devil is opposed to. Thus, theology.

  • Trial by Fire -- Not the most original title, but one that suits the subject matter. Thanks to the Kevins for help with the ending to this one. WARNING! Contains naughty language!
  • Fornication with the Evil One Himself -- a sketch for which the title just about says it all. And so does this one!
    POTPOURRI -- anything that doesn't fit into any other categories easily. Take it for 100.

  • Significant Discussion -- a sketch that would be listed under "semantics" if I had written more than one sketch dealing with semantics.
  • Right Now -- a brief sketch that I wrote in England (not that that really means anything). WARNING! Contains one bad word!
  • Dreaming in German -- You'll never look at penguins quite the same.
  • Twenty Second Birthday -- I can't think of anything to say about this sketch other than, "It's here, so read it."
    And that's it. I know this isn't a whole lot right now, but check back as I'm sure to add more sketches as time and space allows.

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