Significant Discussion


(This is to appear later on in the same program.) Start on the sign as we saw it in the last shot of PART ONE. During the course of the brief dialogue, the camera pans back to the MAN and the VOICE'S OWNER.

MAN - Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I don't quite understand what you just said and this corporate takeover thing. Did you just say that "bad" meant the same thing as "good"?
VOICE'S OWNER - No, sir. I said that this takeover would be bad for us and good for them.
MAN - So you're saying the same thing -- this takeover, which is when a corporation of some kind assumes the control or management of another corporation -- is both bad and good.
VOICE'S OWNER - Relatively speaking.
MAN - Therefore, "bad" means the same thing as "good."
VOICE'S OWNER - No, sir. That would be abusrd.
MAN - What's absurd?
VOICE'S OWNER - This entire conversation.
MAN - No, what does "absurd" mean?

Quickly cut to something else. That is all. I told you it was brief. What, didn't you believe me?

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